Wingham's Black Spot caught at 60lb 1oz

Wingham's Black Spot caught at 60lb 1oz

The venue that produced an 83lb mirror carp last year has kicked off this season with a 60-pounder.

Steve Sellick had just backed the winner in the Grand National when he caught Black Spot at 60lb 1oz from Wingham in Kent.

The exclusive two-lake syndicate site hit the headlines last year when it produced a clearly bloated fish of 83lb 4oz.


This latest supersize carp was Steve’s first since joining the complex. Wingham boss Steve Burke joked: “Those whose first carp is a 40 we call Wingham Virgins, a 50 Super Virgins. I'm open to suggestions for those whose first fish is a 60!"

Black Spot at 60lb 1oz

Black Spot at 60lb 1oz

Captor Steve, a 49-year-old builder, moved swims after spotting fish and baiting with three catapults of Sticky Manilla boilies over each rod.

The following afternoon his wafter hookbait, cast to the back of a bar at 40yds, was picked up and the fish immediately took 70yds of line on its first run.

The Maidstone, Kent, angler said: “This is what I joined Wingham for – beautiful surroundings and genuine English carp.

“What a start! I'd just backed the winner of the Grand National too, perhaps I ought to buy some lottery tickets!"

Black Spot one of seven different carp over 50lb in the Carp Lake. It has previously weighed as much as 60lb 8oz.

hen asked what happened to the 83-pounder, Steve Burke told Carpfeed: “As far as we know, it's still alive.”