Unusual tactics produce lake's first fish since December

Unusual tactics produce lake's first fish since December

Going against the grain at Rockford produced the venue’s first carp since December - all 42lb 12oz of it.

Tim Jackson used 25mm boilies he had left over from a French trip and fished tall chod rigs at relatively short range on the large Hampshire stillwater.

Roach Head at 42lb 12oz

Roach Head at 42lb 12oz

He said: “Nothing's been caught from the hard 55-acre lake in Ringwood since December despite it being fished by many devoted anglers right through the winter.”

Having spotted a carp on the back of the wind during an afternoon walk, Tim headed off for his first night session on the venue in over a year.

He said: “When I got to the lake I spent an hour or so looking but just knew I was going to have to make a gut decision and deploy my old trick of using a different presentation to everyone else.

“I chose a silty/choddy old mark in just 5ft of water only 80 yards out on the back of the wind. Most of the anglers are doing extreme range in deep water so my approach at least gave me some confidence, and far less chance of catching bream in the shallower water.”

Tim fished 4-5ins-high chod rigs over 2kg of crushed CC Moore Pacific Tuna boilies and a small amount of pellet.

He continued: “Just eight hours into the session I had a drop back. The bobbin then quickly pulled up tight and I was in.

“The fish kited to the left, taking line, and I quickly realised it was no bream. What a buzz, and to think this was the first hooked carp in Rockford since December! I can confirm there was a lot of noise once the fish was in the net!

“The carp is known as Roach Head but it very rarely sees the bank. For me it was a true pleasure to catch her at 42lb 12oz in her true winter colours.”