Two Norfolk beauts for Carp Wars winner

Two Norfolk beauts for Carp Wars winner

Everything “just felt so right” for Harry Pratt as his Friday-night session yielded two cracking thirties.

The Sky Sports Carp Wars winner bagged Jigsaw, a 36lb 10oz common, and Double Row, a 38lb 1oz mirror, from D Lake at Norfolk’s Nunnery complex.

“From the second I set up,” said the 21-year-old, “everything just felt so right.”

Double Row at 38lb 1oz

Double Row at 38lb 1oz

Having arrived on Friday afternoon and set up in an area known for producing morning bites, Harry was in a relaxed mood.

“I felt no urge to work the swim or try to keep on my toes as usual, something told me to sit back and leave the rest to the carp gods.

“The next morning came around in no time at all, and although the rods were sitting untouched, I just had to hold out for a little bit longer in hope of some action.

“As I sat with my mate in the peg next door, my right-hand rod went into meltdown!”

After a “crazy battle” that saw the fish wipe out the next-door angler’s rods, Harry scooped the net under a pb common of 36lb 10oz.

Jigsaw gave Harry a new pb common

Jigsaw gave Harry a new pb common

“I’d already stayed longer than planned,” said the Norfolk angler, “but once my brolly was in the bag, the middle rod, fished on the same spot as the right-hand rod, just pulled up tight before line started ticking off the spool.

“Just minutes after slipping back one of the best commons in the lake, I was in again!”

After a ponderous fight, Harry netted the fish in a ball of weed.

“Peeling the weed out of my net, I got more and more nervous before a beast of a mirror appeared out of nowhere!

“Instantly I knew it was the sought-after Double Row, a big Norfolk scaly – I’d seen pictures of it for years!”

Fox-backed Harry fished CC Moore Pacific Tuna and Live System boilies, coated in GLM and red pepper extracts.