Two fish at once for 93lb!

A rare double take at Wellington Country Park gave David Gaskin a 93lb brace as his astonishing run of form continued.

In two sessions at the Berkshire venue he has banked six fish for 277lb – an average of over 46lb per carp!

His double take, just 15 seconds apart, yielded mirrors of 43lb 4oz and 50lb 8oz, and then he banked a 48-pounder the next day to top it off.

David’s six fish in 2017 add to the four fifties he caught from Welly last year.

Of his latest achievement he said: “After my previous session I wanted to keep the momentum going. I arrived at the lake in good time for the gate to open at 6am. The lake had seen an awful lot of pressure over the weekend, but thankfully most of them were off so I had plenty of time to decide on a swim.

“It wasn’t long before the sight of one of the big ghosties leaping out tight to the island greeted me no less than five times in about 10 seconds. Without hesitation, I put my barrow in the appropriate swim as it was being vacated at lunchtime.”

The swim happened to be the one that produced his 100lb brace last month, and David duly replicated his tactics.

The 'smaller' part of the brace at 43lb

The 'smaller' part of the brace at 43lb

Temperatures dipped overnight, but rose the following morning and David recast his rods at lunchtime.

He said: “It was evident that one or two fish were enjoying the shallow island margins and as the temperatures peaked I received a bite. The fish stripped line immediately and just as I managed to turn it at all of about 160 yards, my other island rod registered an absolute ripper! A double take on Welly is as rare as rocking-horse… and I found myself in a tricky situation.”

Thankfully another angler was on hand to grab the second rod while David brought the first fish to the net.

On regaining control of the second rod, David instantly felt something strange. “This fish felt a lot heavier, almost too heavy,” he said.

“The remainder of the battle felt weird and the cause of this was revealed when the tips of a large branch the fish must have picked up broke the water’s surface. It was a heart-in-mouth moment because as the branch rose up out of the water I thought it was all over. 

“A moment later and the flank appeared of a colossal carp wallowing underneath.”

David’s Midas touch continued the next day when, moments after he had moved on to showing fish, he had another bite and landed a 48lb mirror.

The last of the trio went 48lb

The last of the trio went 48lb

“Three carp for over 141lb,” he said, “Welly never ceases to amaze me!”


It seems not a fortnight goes by without David Gaskin catching another massive haul from Wellington Country Park. Both he and this exclusive syndicate south of Reading are in incredible form. David is surely an early contender for carp angler of the year.