Two different 50s in two days at the Avenue

Two different 50s in two days at the Avenue

A Shropshire venue has produced two different fifties in two days.

The big mirrors went on the feed at the Avenue, giving Chris Kirk a 92lb brace in 45 minutes and Graham Calverley the 55lb 4oz fish known as Black Scar.

Chris arrived on Sunday and initially set up in peg four, but awoke to a cold wind in his face and decided to move round to peg 12 where he had seen signs of fish.

He told “I just fished single hookbaits into open water where I’d seen the signs. At 6.10pm I had a fish called Moonscale at 42lb 8oz and then 45 minutes late the other rod went and it was Captain Scarlet at 50lb 4oz.

Captain Scarlet made up part of a 92lb brace for Chris

Captain Scarlet made up part of a 92lb brace for Chris

“It was unbelievable, I was in a daze and it’s only now sinking in.”

The 45-year-old from Lancashire is in his first season on the Avenue but has already banked 12 carp in nine visits.

A day earlier, Graham Calverley had caught Black Scar at 55lb 4oz. He told he knew exactly when bite time would come and stretched his session accordingly. He said: “I was down for 36 hours from Saturday morning and I stayed as long as I could on Sunday because I knew bite time was generally between 4pm and 5pm – that’s when the fish were showing the previous afternoon.

“I think the bite came at 4.30pm and it was a one-toner. All the fish in there are pretty big but I didn’t expect it to be a fifty. I was fishing tight up against a bar at 75yds and I expected it to go over the bar, but luckily it kited along it.”

Harry Hales from RH Fisheries and Avenue regular Paul Viner joined the 27-year-old from Saddleworth, Greater Manchester, as the fight progressed. Graham said: “As soon as the fish’s head popped up they said it looked a good forty, then one of them said it could even bigger.

“I knew as soon as it went in the net it was over 45lb.”

Graham had Black Scar at 55lb-plus

Graham had Black Scar at 55lb-plus



  • Combi rig
  • Hook: Size 8 Korda Kurv
  • Hooklink: Korda Boom and Dark Matter braid
  • Hookbait: DNA Baits Milky Malt pop-up
  • Loosefeed: 2.5kg of DNA Baits S7 boilies, hemp, sweetcorn and tiger-nut extract


  • Multi rig
  • Hook: size 6
  • Hooklink: PB Products Skinless
  • Hookbait: Retro Baits Essential 5 pop-up fished as a single