Tom Maker's first session of 2018 is Linear success

Tom Maker's first session of 2018 is Linear success

Tom Maker’s first session of 2018 proved to be another Linear success story for the England international.

Fishing in changeable conditions on Brasenose One at the Oxfordshire day-ticket complex, the 26-year-old managed two thirties to 33lb 12oz, plus seven 20s and two doubles in 48 hours.

Lifting the lid on his meticulous approach, Tom, who arrived last Tuesday [Jan 2], explained: “Arriving on the gate at 6.30am I was fourth in line. Knowing the water as I do, I roughly knew where I wanted to be, and as luck would have it the lads in front of me all drove past where I had in mind.

Tom's first fish of 2018 went over 33lb

Tom's first fish of 2018 went over 33lb

“Swiftly out of the van, I placed a bucket into peg six, a peg which controls a lot of water and is dead centre of the lake.

“The weather during my stay was due to change massively, with strong winds and rain due for a good 36 to 40 hours of my planned 48-hour session, so I was a little undecided on tactics.

“Initially I had planned to spod, but looking at weather we had coming in I knew that accuracy would be hard and I would probably ruin the swim by baiting a larger area than I would like, so a solid-bag approach was decided upon.

“As is always the way when I get into a peg I have a good look at the water to watch for signs, but with it being January and the water temperature low I didn't expect to see much.

“Then all of a sudden one poked its head out at around 120-130yds’ range!

“At this time of year all it can take is one carp to give the game away, and give it away it did! “I clipped the rods at 32 rod lengths [128yds] which is near on the centre of the lake, and with the wind we had coming in I knew I could continue to hit the same area.”

Opting for small solid PVA bags, tom got all three rods on the spot.



“I was confident of a bite but didn't expect one as fast as it happened. Not an hour after chucking out I received a slow take on the right-hand rod.

“The fish plodded all the way in and I knew it was a decent carp. The closer it came the heavier it felt and once in view it looked huge.

“Safely over the net cord the fish looked big, a real thick-set, deep-bodied mirror. On the scales it settled on 33lb 12oz – not as big as I first thought but I most certainly wasn't complaining.

“While photographing the fish I received another take on my middle rod and this time it turned out to be a scrappy 22-pounder.

“With confidence sky high I knew I was in for some more carp. True to form, the wind picked right up early hours of Wednesday morning and I was soon faced with a mental 50-60mph cross wind making life very hard. However, I soldiered on and regular re-chucks on the bags saw me leave on the Thursday morning with 11 carp to my name.”


  • Small solid PVA bags
  • Hookbait: 12mm Sticky Pineapple & N’Butyric pop-us
  • Bag contents: Crushed Sticky Manilla boilies and matching 2.3mm pellets
  • Hooklink: 4ins of 15lb Fox Reflex Camo braid
  • Hook: Size 5 Fox Wide Gape Beaked Point