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Stunning 50lb common from Essex club water

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Stunning 50lb common from Essex club water

Nocturnal observations helped Daryl Woodhouse break his personal best with the capture of a 50lb 8oz common from an Essex club water.

During a blank first night at the Match Pit in Wivenhoe the 42-year-old heard carp showing just off an island further down the lake, so wasted no time in moving swims the next morning.

The 40-year-old was rewarded for his efforts 24 hours later when his hookbait, placed on the island shelf in just 4ft of water, rattled off at 8.30am.

The result was the lake’s biggest fish, known as the Warrior.

“I fished a different peg on the first night, without any joy, but during the hours of darkness I could hear fish showing off the island,” said Daryl.

“So, first thing in the morning I got the binoculars out to check if anybody was in the swim that gives access to the area and, seeing it was free, I packed up and moved straight away."

“The pit can get busy and I didn't know how much bait had been put in by previous anglers, so I opted to use just a four-bait stringer, cast tight to the island.

“I got the take at 8.30am the next morning and, to be honest, the fight didn’t last that long because once the fish rolled and I saw which one it was, I just wanted it in the net as soon as possible!”

The Warrior Match Pit Wivenhoe

The big common comfortably beat Daryl’s old personal best of 46lb 8oz, which he set by catching the famous old mirror known as Dippy from the Snake Pit in Essex.

For his latest capture Daryl used a snowman rig made from a Mainline Activ-8 bottom bait, tipped with a trimmed-down 15mm pineapple pop-up from the same company.

Venue info

The Match Pit is one of seven lakes run by Colchester Postal & Telecom AC, which costs £70 a year to join (concessions available).

To night fish the Match Pit an extra night permit is required. For full details of the club’s waters, visit