Scottish carp record broken for the second time by captor

The carp record in Scotland has been broken by an angler who first caught the same 45lb 12oz common exactly a year ago to the day!

Ben Mir from Glasgow added 4oz to his own unofficial best for the country during an overnight session on Castle Loch, Lochmaben. 

It's actually the third time he's banked the impressive fish as he set the old record of 45lb 8oz in September 2016, in addition to first putting it on the bank at 43lb 12oz a month previously. 

"It isn't an easy place as there's about 25 carp in 200 acres of water, they are old fish stocked in the eighties. I wasn't actually targeting this fish as there's a big dark common which this one hangs around with, it hasn't been caught before to my knowledge.

"I've seen both of them from a boat and the dark fish seems more cautious and hangs back behind this one. It's a very big fish and could be knocking on 50lb. I think I might have lost her last year when she cut me off on a mussel or something," he said.

This was his first carp in 20 nights on the water and fell to a Dynamite Baits Complex-T fluoro pop up over a bed of Complex-T boilies fed by throwing stick. His rig was the rig of the moment, The Ronnie Rig. The 45-year-old regularly drives 80 miles to fish the venue after work, driving back the following day to start his next shift. 

"I've got no choice but to put the miles in up here! The common took 100 yards of line on the first run just before dark, so I knew it was a big fish and I recognised it when it rolled 20 yards out," said the Dynamite consultant and Team Scotland Carp Team member.