Scott Lloyd tutorial leads to two new personal bests

Scott Lloyd tutorial leads to two new personal bests

A carp tutorial with Scott Lloyd gave Liam Matthews everything he hoped for – and more.

The Gloucester angler wanted to pick the brains of one of angling’s hottest properties on the banks of Linch Hill, and came away with two new pbs including the Box Common at 43lb.

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Liam explained: “I had booked a tuition with Scott Lloyd in the hope of improving my own fishing.

“We started the session by lapping the lake to look for fish, after finding several fish hiding in a corner where there was no angling pressure, we started off with a bit of stalking.

“After a number of hours of seeing the fish holding up just past our bait, Scott insisted we went and set up in our swims as he still had a lot of info to cover.”

Liam hoists up Baby Orange at 35lb while a delighted Scott signals 'pb'

Liam hoists up Baby Orange at 35lb while a delighted Scott signals 'pb'

Liam pitched up in New Dig, where a number of small gravel spots were visible.

“We crept through the rushes to place a solid bag on the edge of a gravel spot,” said the 21-year-old.

“We were fishing with a washing line set up so we waded back towards the bank and tied some elastic to the line and then looped the elastic onto a bankstick.

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“I put my other rods onto a gravel bar with half dozen Spombs over the top and then spent the rest of the afternoon being flooded with information from Scott and understanding why he fishes in the style that he does.

“As the night was drawing in, we ordered an Indian and had a few beers with Nick the bailiff, who also shared some of his past experiences with us. I got my head down that night feeling confident.

“The following morning at around 6.40am, the washing line was off and I was playing my first Linch Hill carp.

“After not much of a fight, Scott was in the lake to net a stunning mirror, a fish known as the Baby Orange, weighing dead on 35lb.

“It was a new pb for me and I was buzzing to say the least.

“Scott informed me that this fish rarely visited the bank, which made it all the more special.

“After some photos from Scott and Dan Wildbore and having a bucket of water chucked over me by Nick, I slipped her back and couldn’t wait to get the rod back out.

“To say the tuition was going well was an understatement! Another day of Scott continuously giving me tips had passed and before we knew it and we were tucking in to a meal that the Linch Hill cafe had delivered to our swim.

“After an enjoyable meal, we cracked the beers open to celebrate the capture of Baby Orange, but what we didn’t realise was that there was a fish out there that wanted to take the spotlight.

“After a couple of sips from the can, the same rod was away again, this time it was a screamer. The fish wasn’t really fighting but it was a dead weight and I could tell it was a hefty carp.

“As it came into the bank I couldn’t really see much as it was pitch black by now, but as Scott netted it he turned to me and simply said, ‘what have you done?’ with a great grin on his face!

“I knew it was something special and as I walked towards him he told me my pb had been smashed again and informed me that the carp that was showing off in the bottom of my net was the Box Common.

Pb no2 was the Box Common at 43lb

Pb no2 was the Box Common at 43lb

“I knew at this point I had caught my first UK 40-pounder but didn’t yet know the exact weight as Scott had called Nick to ask for a spare set of hands.

“Nick arrived in the swim buzzing and congratulated me on the capture. We got the mat and the scales ready before lifting the fish from the lake and once she was on the mat it was clear she was well over the 40lb barrier.

“I was completely blown away; speechless! We hoisted her up and the scales went exactly 43lb – wow!

“I just couldn’t wait to get some pictures now and have a few more beers to celebrate!

“Scott got some nice night shots then we let her go to fight another day. I couldn’t stop smiling and I’m still smiling now!

“We left the rod out of the water for the remainder the session as it was dark and difficult to wade back out to the spot, but I was made up and couldn’t care less if the rod was in the pond or not.

“We had a few more beers and Scott gave me a run through some of the Box Common’s history. Once I’d pulled myself together, Scott quizzed me to make sure I’d understood everything he had taught me and let me run a few of my own questions past him.

“We eventually called it a night and I couldn’t get my eyes shut, I was bouncing off the walls still.

“The following morning the tuition was coming to an end and I still couldn’t wipe the smile off my face. Scott came round and after getting his own rods out through the hours of darkness, he had landed a stunning mid-20 linear, which was nice to see.

“Scott made sure I had asked him everything I wanted to know before the tuition ended and then it was time for the worst part, packing away.

“To sum it all up, I learnt everything I wanted to learn and more. I hadn’t come to catch carp, I’d come to get some invaluable information from Scott, which I know will improve my fishing for the future – any fish was a bonus but I was lucky enough to have two absolute stonkers!

“We had a good laugh and I made some unforgettable memories. I would recommend Scott’s tuitions to anyone; you can’t buy his knowledge anywhere else, he’s a class angler as we all know and top bloke.”


  • Solid PVA bags with 3-4ins blowback rig
  • Bag contents: 2mm and 4mm Sticky Krill pellets and Krill powder
  • Hookbait: Sticky Krill boilie
  • Hook: Size 10 Korda Longshank X
  • Hooklink: 18lb Korda Supernatural