Scaly cracker from 'Queen's back garden'

Scaly cracker from 'Queen's back garden'

A teenager’s first session on an expansive royal park lake produced this stunning scaly mirror as part of a haul of fish.

Ross Norminton is part of the syndicate allowed to fish the 140-acre Virginia Water at Windsor Great Park and his debut trip produced this 34lb mirror.

The Friendly Mirror at 34lb

The Friendly Mirror at 34lb

The 19-year-old said: “I have recently joined my new syndicate and had planned to start fishing on the Friday, so for three days I had been going down to the lake and trying to find the fish in the huge mass of water.

“Every time I had gone to find them they were milling around in a shallow bay as the temperatures had recently risen, so I had some idea of where they would be and I had a plan ready for Friday.

“After the long push around the lake I found them in the same bay, so it was a no-brainer where to go.”

Ross fished close in and drip-fed five boilies ever hour or so.

“Late that evening I had an unknown common at 27lb, followed up by around five smaller commons ranging from 16lb to 22lb.”

After a quiet day, the fish returned the next evening.

“It didn’t take long for them to find my spots, resulting in the capture of the one of the A-Team known as the Friendly Mirror.

“It’s an absolutely stunning fish thought to be over 40 years old. Shortly afterwards, I landed another unknown common at 28lb and a few small commons on Sunday morning.

“It’s a session I will remember for a long time.”

Ross used Nash Scopex Squid boilies and fished 4ins KD rigs tied with Fang X hooks and attached to drop-off inline leads.