Redemption for Arron as he finally gets this 47-pounder

Redemption for Arron as he finally gets this 47-pounder

Five months after it last produced a fish, Kracking Carp Lake at Anglers Paradise finally woke up and gave Arron Fisher this mighty 47lb 6oz mirror.

To make things even sweeter for the Cornish angler, the fish, which is a new personal best, was one he agonisingly lost at the net in 2015.

Kracking Carp Lake's first fish since September

Kracking Carp Lake's first fish since September

The 40-year-old’s session coincided with the start of a mild spell at the Devon venue but was slow to get going. He told us: “I spoke to one of the bailiffs on arrival and was informed that nothing had been out since last September so my confidence did take a bit of a knock, but with the weather being bang on I knew there was still a chance.

“However, despite my best efforts nothing seemed to be happening until literally the last moment as I was getting ready to pack up. The right-hand swinger just dropped to the deck and for a few seconds I just looked at it in confusion.

“I suddenly came to my senses and grabbed the rod and started to reel down. After reeling for what felt like an eternity and not connecting with anything I thought I had missed my chance, and then just as I was lifting the rod to help swing the lead up from the margin it started to take on a curve.

“The carp had done the 30 yards straight towards me in seconds and was actually already in the deep margin under my feet!

“With the heart now racing and the fish using its entire body mass to stay deep, the battle commenced. Thankfully apart from the occasional lunge which made the nerves go, the fight went to plan and on the second time she hit the surface she went straight in the net.

“There on the mat lay the fish I had lost 14 months previously. To say I was happy is an understatement.”


The washing line method, as used here so well by Arron, is a vastly underused tactic for stealthily fishing the far margins. Cast your lead to the far margin, walk round with your rig and attach it, then drop the setup on your spot. Plug a bankstick into the ground nearby and wrap an elastic band over the top. Slip a loop of your mainline into the band and you can now pull your mainline tight so it’s out of the water across the lake. It’ll pull out when you get a bite. Here's our guide to it.


  • Hinged stiff rig
  • Hookbait: 12mm CR Baits CR1 Pastel pop-up
  • Loosefeed: PVA mesh bag of CR1 crumb and Hooked On Baits Blitz and hemp. 500g of CR1 Bag Mix over the top
  • Hook: Size 8 Hybrid Tackle Armohawk Chod
  • Hooklink: 20lb prototype Ultima coated braid and 20lb Ultima Kama Sutra
  • Lead: 4oz Lakebed Leads inline lead fished drop-off style