Rarely caught Dinton beauty goes 40lb 10oz

Rarely caught Dinton beauty goes 40lb 10oz

Dinton Pastures is well known for its beautiful mirrors, but this 40lb 10oz specimen – uncaught for nearly two years – is surely one of the finest.

The fish, known as Darren’s Linear, came to Alex West shortly after the Berkshire venue’s White Swan lake re-opened following spawning.

Alex, who had been priming a spot in the close season, said: “As you can see from the picture it is an immaculate carp and made the driving and baiting up over the last month worthwhile.”

Dinton Darren's Linear

He added: “After the month’s spawning close season I got the swim I had been baiting in the draw.

“I ended up catching a nice scaly 25lb mirror and this epic linear at 40lb 10oz.

“It was my last morning and after losing a fish and having just a 25-pounder to show for all the effort I’d put in over the last month at 6am I received a steady take.

“After a 10-minute battle through weed and reedbeds, one of the rarer carp slipped over the drawstring at 40lb 10oz. It was last out almost two years previously.”

Alex fished Sticky Signature Squid pop-ups over Krill boilies and was interestingly using a new prototype stiff-rig-type hook from Thinking Anglers.