Observation the key for Linch Hill 40

Observation the key for Linch Hill 40

Keeping the bait trickling in helped Whayne Grant land two Linch Hill beauties in a week.

The 28-year-old targeted Willow Pool at the Oxfordshire complex and caught the Half Lin at a new top weight of 42lb 8oz, as well as a 31lb 14oz common.

Half Lin at a new top weight

Half Lin at a new top weight

The Oxford angler ended a disappointing 24-hour blank by baiting his swim with boilies, hemp and pellets, and returned the next day to make amends.

He said: “I was itching to get back down to set the record straight. I arrived at about 10am and dispatched a single combi rig to the spot I had fished the previous day, but this time I decided to place it at the bottom of the shelf.

“As I was setting up the second rod I had a screamer! A spirited battle ensued and after around 10 minutes I had a beautiful common ready for the net.

This common kicked it all off

This common kicked it all off

“I decided after an hour that I would not be greedy and would head home and rest the swim in the hope that I could get in there again.

“Just before I left I again baited with a kilo of the Krill boilies and half a kilo of 6mm pellet.”

Whayne returned two days later for a 24-hour session and was greeted by showing fish in the area, but after a blank night he climbed a tree in his swim to look for more signs.

He said: “I had been up the tree for about 20 to 30 minutes before I heard a couple of subtle bleeps on the receiver, so down I jumped. As I approached the rods I could see the tip knocking slightly and I lifted into what felt like a train!

“It stayed low, steadily taking line until I got it under control after around 20 minutes and brought her towards me. As she came up in the water I knew it was the beautiful Half Lin straight away.

“The scales read 42lb 8oz – a new pb for me and wow, what a specimen!”


The importance of baiting and resting a swim is ably demonstrated by Whayne’s hit-and-run approach here. Sometimes spreading your time over a number of shorter sessions is better than one big hit.


  • Combi rig
  • Hooklink: 20lb ESP Ghost and 15lb Korda N-Trap Soft
  • Hook: Size 7 ESP MK2 Stiff Rigger
  • Hookbait: 16mm Sticky Krill White Ones
  • Loosefeed: Total of 4kg of 16mm Sticky Krill, 2kg of chilli hemp and 2kg of Krill pellets
Whayne's new pb

Whayne's new pb