Newlyweds bag up on honeymoon at carp lake

Newlyweds bag up on honeymoon at carp lake

A fishing-mad couple spent their honeymoon on a four-night fishing trip in Cambridgeshire – and loved every minute of it.

Claire and Lee Nobbs met through a shared love of carp fishing and decided to shun an exotic beach getaway for five days of angling.

The pair married at Norwich Castle on Wednesday but by Thursday morning were settling into swims on the Back Lake at East Delph Lakes near Peterborough. 

Having booked out the day-ticket venue exclusively for themselves, the Essex couple baited heavily with boilies and pellets and caught 20 fish between them.

It was 34-year-old Claire who claimed the first victory of married life, catching 11 of the fish including four over 20lb.

Lee, who is originally from Norwich, told Carpfeed: “We met just over a year ago through social media. We lived at opposite ends of the country but got chatting about fishing and now we’re married.”

The 43-year-old added: “The honeymoon was a joint decision – neither of us like beach holidays so there was no other option, really!

“We’d been down to East Delph last winter and really liked the place. We searched around on the internet but decided this was the best place to go.

“James the owner really went out of his way to make it special for us – he transported all our gear round on a little tractor and brought us a bottle of champagne in a coolbox. It was amazing!”

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Champagne reception! Venue boss James provided bubbly

Champagne reception! Venue boss James provided bubbly

Venue boss James Mackay told Carpfeed: “At first I thought it was a bit unusual but East Delph is pretty and secure, so I can see why they came here

“To be honest, it was a breath of fresh air to take a booking like that and they both fished really well.”

With the lake to themselves, the newlyweds baited a central area with 30kg of Mainline Essential Cell pellets and 20kg of matching boilies. 

Bites generally came after 5pm and into the early hours of the morning, with some double takes occurring.

Claire with two in the nets at once

Claire with two in the nets at once

All the fish came on Essential Cell wafters mounted on Ronnie rigs made with Korda Kurv Shank hooks and Hybrid hooklinks.