New lake record at Little Farriers

With Adam Penning on photography duty it’s no wonder this 40lb Cotswolds common looks so good.

Jason Hardy caught the 40lb 2oz fish, known as Colin the Original, from Little Farriers on the Cotswold Water Park in Gloucestershire.

“It’s the lake’s first 40, my first 40 and the lake record,” beamed the 47-year-old Hampshire angler.

The fish came during a four-day session on the venue, which is available for group hire through the Carp Society.

The first 40 from Little Farriers

The first 40 from Little Farriers

“I lost a couple in the weed that slipped the hook,” said Jason, “Before finally getting another common of around 15lb the following day.

“The big common is known as Colin the Original and weighed 40lb 2oz. The fish was weighed and verified by Adam Penning, who was also the genius behind the camera.”

Jason presented a Sticky Krill pop-up over whole, chopped and crumbed freebies and 6mm Krill pellets.

He baited with an initial 20 medium Spombs then topped up with 10 more after each bite. His hookbait was mounted on a multi rig tied with a size 6 barbless hook.