New Grenville record edges nearer to UK best

New Grenville record edges nearer to UK best

The record at Grenville Lake has been broken with a fish that could soon challenge the British record.

Bernard Sisson landed the 64lb 8oz mirror from the Cambridgeshire venue, adding two 30s and a 40 in the same 96-hour session just for good measure.

The fish set a new UK personal best for the 67-year-old, who has been carp angling for over four decades and was at the 72-acre gravel pit to carry out some filming for his sponsor Nutrabaits.

Bernard, whose previous biggest UK carp was 59lb 4oz, said: “It really was a dream session. I was fishing at 100yds’ range to a plateau, and was lucky enough to land four carp.

This biggest mirror in Grenville at 64lb 8oz

This biggest mirror in Grenville at 64lb 8oz

“The trip started with a 30lb 10oz common, which came within a few hours of casting out, followed by a fish of a lifetime at 6am the next morning.

“Later in the trip I added two further mirrors weighing 35lb and 44lb 8oz. It was an amazing few days at a very special venue, and the memories will last forever.”

With light silkweed covering the area he was targeting, Bernard used an adapted hinged stiff rig to present his Nutrabaits Liver Supreme 16mm pop-up.

This was tied using a size 6 Drennan Continental hook and a soft braided boom. He fed 5kg of 20mm Trigga boilies over his three rods every 24 hours.

Bernard also had this 44lb 8oz mirror

Bernard also had this 44lb 8oz mirror

Grenville’s remarkable stock

  • 380 fish over 30lb

  • 98 fish over 40lb (up from 11 in 2011)

  • 7 carp over 50lb

  • 2 over 60lb

Opened to angling in 2010, Grenville Lake is a mature 72-acre gravel pit near Huntingdon, Cambs, with depths of up to 38ft.

A year after opening it held 11 fish over 40lb, but such is the rate of growth at this rich and well-run water that it now holds 98 fish over that weight, backed up by 380 fish over 30lb.

The lake’s bigger fish are growing at a rate of 5-6lb a year, and there are now seven different 50s, as well as two over 60lb. There is a waiting list to join Grenville Lake. For full details, or to add your name, log on to