Fish farmer defends northern day-ticket as it produces two 50s

Fish farmer defends northern day-ticket as it produces two 50s

A Lincolnshire carp lake saw its record broken twice in five days with two different 50-pounders.

On Thursday, Luke McNicholas ended four blank days on Arthur's Pool at Caistor Lakes with the capture of a 51lb 8oz common. 

But that record has been broken again today (15/5/17) with a 51lb 12oz mirror.

Speaking to, fish farmer Tom Thompson, whose son Andrew Thompson runs the complex, sought to quash rumours the fish were recent imports.

He said: "They're grown on by myself and I've been feeding them for 15 to 17 years.

"I rent irrigation pools off the farmer in my area [the Midlands] and we've always wanted a fishery."

Tom said the big fish were probably stocked three years ago, but he could not be sure without referring to his records. He said he had 20 more big carp in his ponds waiting to be stocked.

He added: "I don't really care what people say. The only three people who go to the stock ponds are the farmer, myself and my son.

"I had £300,000 of carp stolen and I don't want that to happen again.

"If anyone thinks I'm daft enough to stock stolen fish after 17 years of breeding fish they are off their heads, because koi herpes (KHV) is rife and I believe French fish always carry that gene.

"It's easy to buy a stolen one but you risk killing all your fish." 

Luke's lake-record common came on Thursday in the latter half of a week-long session on Arthur’s Pool at Caistor Lakes in Lincolnshire.

“I’m one of the happiest lads on earth,” Luke told

A new lake-record at 51lb 8oz

A new lake-record at 51lb 8oz

“I sat behind silent alarms for four days. The carp were just interested in cruising around up in the top layers taking in the sun.

“Despite my attempts to tempt a bite on zig rigs they just weren’t playing ball.”

Luke decided to return to his pre-baited areas on the bottom and positioned one rod along a reed-lined margin and another against an island.

Sixteen hours later his margin rod was away.

“As I lifted the rod and pulled into the fish I instantly knew it was a big girl by the sheer weight and bend in the rod.

“With a couple of tail flicks she was well on her way towards the aerator to try to cut me off.

“Clicking my drag tighter I tried my utmost to turn the fish away from where she wanted to go and get her towards the net.

“The fish stayed deep and didn't want to show herself to me, but once I got her head up and those huge shoulders rolled into the net I knew it was a fish of a lifetime and a pb for sure!

“I was so focused on getting the fish to the net I didn't realise a crowd had grown behind me – even the lake owner wandered round for the weigh in, and the fish pulled the scales round to 51lb 8oz!”

Luke shows off his new pb at Caistor Lakes

Luke shows off his new pb at Caistor Lakes


  • Ronnie rig
  • Hook: Size 6 Gardner Mugga
  • Hooklink: 20lb Korda N-Trap Soft
  • Hookbait: 15mm Active Bait Solutions iBait pop-up
  • Loosefeed: Bed of chopped iBait boilies and six-bait PVA stringer