Monster common weighs in at just under 60lb

Monster common weighs in at just under 60lb

One of the Britain’s biggest commons has been caught at nearly 60lb.

Tarka fell to Paul Thomas at the Avenue in Shropshire at a mighty 59lb 12oz.

Paul Thomas with his new pb

Paul Thomas with his new pb

The fish, named after a brush with an otter when it was younger, was the only bite of a two-night session on the RH Fisheries syndicate.

Paul, from Llandeilo in Carmarthenshire, told Carpfeed: “It was a very special moment, and it’s still special now.

“My personal best was 43lb 12oz, also from the Avenue, so this is quite a step up. It’s the biggest fish I’ve ever seen and the biggest I’ve ever caught.”

The 51-year-old builder, who has been a member of the syndicate for three years, received the take at about 4.30pm on Saturday while chatting to his mates – one of whom had a distraction tactic up his sleeve.

“It was a slow take and the fight was nothing for a fish of that size, very uneventful. But we saw it as it came towards us and I said I thought it was a common. One of my mates said, ‘I don’t think it is, I think it’s a mirror’.

“Once we got it in the net he said he knew all along it was the big common but he said he didn’t want my legs to go to jelly!”


One of the biggest commons in the land, Tarka shows no sign of being held back from her otter attack early in life. We also have to tip our hat to Paul’s cheeky mate who used a bit of kidology in suggesting he wasn’t attached to the biggest fish in the lake. A great moment to share with friends!


  • Blowback rig
  • Hook: Size 6 Korda Kurv
  • Hooklink: Korda N-Trap Semi Stiff
  • Hookbait: 12mm Mainline Pineapple pop-up
  • Loosefeed: Three Spombs of halved and crushed mixed sizes of Mainline Essential Cell, plus sweetcorn