Mirror 'stocked in 1971' still fights hard

Mirror 'stocked in 1971' still fights hard

Despite probably being stocked 47 years ago, this ancient mirror gave Chris Douce an incredible battle.

The 32lb 2oz fish, known as the Grey, came from Ashmead in Somerset after a weed-hampered battle.

It is quite possibly the last remaining fish in the venue from the original stocking of 1971.

Plymouth angler Chris plotted up in the Five Ways swim and noticed fish activity at 6am before getting a bite at 8.30am.

“The rod was ripped from the butt grip, the reel smashed the alarm and I had a seriously weedy battle!

“It was stalemate on three occasions due to the thick Canadian, and eventually I had to decide it was time for the boat.

“With a bit of handlining and a lot of faith, my buddy Jim and I managed to lift the net around a load of weed, and thankfully there was a carp in the middle of it all!

“It turned out to be a fish called the Grey. [Venue boss] Mark Walsingham is pretty sure that it is probably the last remaining fish from the original stocking of Ashmead back in 1971.

The Grey is probably 50 years old!

The Grey is probably 50 years old!

“I love the old ones, so this was the perfect Ashmead carp for me! The lads and I had such a blast celebrating that capture and the captures of some of the others that day.

"Life behind that gate is like a carp-angling dreamland!”

Chris used a double Sticky Krill bottom bait on 9ins ESP Synchro XT mono hooklink and a size 4 Korda Wide Gape hook.