Lure fishing for carp! New dropshotting match series begins

Lure fishing for carp! New dropshotting match series begins

A series of matches involving lure fishing for carp is being organised by Carp Team England’s assistant manager.

Graham Mabey, who works at the For Life Experiences (FLE) complex in Hampshire, has arranged four dropshotting events at the fishery targeting just carp and trout.

Dropshotting has grown in popularity in the UK in recent years and involves using lures on a single hook suspended above a small weight.

It is almost exclusively used for perch, but Graham believes there is scope to widen its appeal.

Dropshotting is normally reserved for perch

Dropshotting is normally reserved for perch

Speaking to Carpfeed, he said: “I thought I would mix it up a bit and have a bit of fun.

“Lots of carp anglers have gone towards this type of lure fishing for predators in the winter and this is getting them to think outside the box.

Graham shows off a dropshot-caught carp at FLE in Hampshire

Graham shows off a dropshot-caught carp at FLE in Hampshire

Watch Graham catch carp on the dropshot

“It all started when I was given the chance to dropshot with flies for trout down in Devon. I got back to the fishery and I thought, ‘why can’t I stock some trout in here and give it a go?’”

Graham then decided to try dropshotting for the carp on FLE’s commercial match lakes and, as the video linked above shows, has caught a few.

“At this time of year the carp aren’t herding fry, which they might do in summer, so what you’re really trying to do is imitate the match tactics used at this time of year.

“I’ve used little imitation ‘blobs’ to look like sweetcorn, bread or worms.

“The interesting thing is you’re not just sitting behind a quiver tip with imitation bread, you’re trying to imitate a fluttering piece of bread or sweetcorn.

“You’re lifting and dropping it, a bit like match anglers lift and drop on the long pole.”

Graham bends into another dropshot carp. Click the link below for the video

Graham bends into another dropshot carp. Click the link below for the video

See Graham's second dropshot video

Graham admitted the series of four matches, which start on January 28 and end on March 18, will be a trial run but said next winter he might move an event to the site’s Carp Lake which contains fish to 20lb.

Asked whether he feared for fish safety or the threat of foul hooking, Graham replied: “We’re not spinner fishing, we’re not going to be whipping spinners and trebles through the water.

“Dropshotting is a finesse technique where the movements are much slower. At this time of year there’s more chance of commercial carp being foul hooked by match anglers lifting and dropping on the long pole to the far margins.

“You can’t go in with heavy fluorocarbon leaders and big hooks because these carp are very finicky feeders.

“It’ll be more like match tactics with 3lb leaders and small hooks.”


  • Each match has space for 16 entrants and each angler will have four 30-minute sessions on the lake containing 100kg of stocked trout and another four 30-minute sessions targeting carp
  • The winner will be decided on length not weight, with the best two carp and best two trout counting
  • A draw at the start of the day will allocate each angler eight swims that they will fish during the course of the day
  • £15 day ticket plus £10 pools (£25 total entry)
  • Winner of each match will receive £80
  • Biggest trout and biggest carp in each match will net the captor £20
  • An overall championship prize will be awarded to the angler with the biggest pairs of trout and carp across all four matches


  • Dropshotting only
  • Artificial baits only
  • Flavourings can be used
  • No barbed hooks
  • Unhooking mats will be supplied
  • No foul hooked fish to count
  • EA licence required.
  • Large, carp-friendly (soft-mesh) landing net required

For full details, visit the Facebook event here