Linear's biggest day-ticket fish nudges 53lb

Linear's biggest day-ticket fish nudges 53lb

The picture may be poor, but there’s little doubting the calibre of this huge 52lb 15oz common from Oxlease Lake at Linear Fisheries.

The distinctive Scar Common, which was the first Linear day-ticket fish to ever go over 50lb, was landed by Joshua O’Neill during a four-day session at the Oxfordshire venue.

Oxlease scar common

He also banked eight other fish including a 31lb mirror.

The 23-year-old, from Whiston, Merseyside, used a Sticky Peach and Pepper dumbell wafter on a blowback rig inside a solid PVA bag.

He fed the area with a light scattering of 12mm Manilla boilies and pellets.