Linear bait experiment pays off for Tom Maker

Linear bait experiment pays off for Tom Maker

England international Tom Maker gambled on a new baiting strategy to bank one of Linear Fisheries’ most elusive mirrors.

The 25-year-old, who knows the Oxfordshire complex better than most, did away with his normal little-and-often approach on Manor Farm and caught the Hardwick Linear at 32lb 12oz, plus five others.


Only its second capture in four years

Only its second capture in four years

Tom explained: “When I first arrived at the lake I wanted to try something that I don't usually do. Only fishing for one night I decided to fill it in and put the whole lot out at the start with the intention of not putting any more out after any fish."

Tom arrived at the venue on Sunday morning and found a peg he had caught from the previous week.

Finding a firm silty spot at 98yds, he then made up a bucket of 3kg of chopped and whole 16mm Sticky Krill boilies, 2kg of sweetcorn and a litre of Cloudy Krill liquid.

“After an hour or so I had the whole lot out and three rods over the top.

“I received my first bite about midnight and had steady action right up until 5am.

“With three rods back on the spot and a few hours left of my session I thought my spot had blown, that was until I received a slow take on the middle rod.

“After a lengthy fight I had a stunning linear in the net! I didn't recognise the fish so I logged onto the Linear website and did some investigating!

“The fish is known as the Hardwick linear and I believe my capture is only its second in the past four years!”

Tom presented yellow 16mm Sticky Signature Squid pop-ups on 360 rigs made with size 5 Fox Edges Medium Curv hooks and 25lb Matt Cortex.