Kingsmead 50's first capture in nearly a year

Kingsmead 50's first capture in nearly a year

The largest resident of Kingsmead One has been caught at 54lb 2oz almost a year after its last capture.

David Summerfield banked the mirror known as Starry’s after spotting active fish at the RK Leisure venue in Berkshire.

He said: “Arriving at the gates of Kingsmead One at around 5am I was pleasantly surprised to see a few shows, but unfortunately there was already an angler in that peg.

“I opted to go a couple of pegs down from him as I didn’t want to affect his chances of catching.”

After trying zigs for the morning without success, David decided to change his approach.

“At this point, I made a decision to find couple of spots and get some baits on the deck; a tactic I’m a lot more confident in.

“I found two nice, firm silt spots on the edge of a gravel bar at about 60 yards and I gave the spots about 2kg of 15mm CC Moore Pacific Tuna boilies.”

David kept his rods out of the swim for the afternoon before casting in as evening approached.

“I could hear a few fish rolling in the area, when out of the blue my left-hand rod screamed off. I secured the fish in the net and I immediately got the rod back out on the spot and topped it back up with another kilo of boilies before making a couple of calls to fellow members and bailiffs.

“On arrival they confirmed it as the colossal Starry’s. This fish had been on the missing list for nearly a year and the scales settled at 54lb 2oz – a new pb and I was buzzing!”

Starry's at 54lb 2oz

Starry's at 54lb 2oz

A 25lb 10oz mirror completed David’s session.