Ian Poole bags elusive Spitfire Pool common

Ian Poole bags elusive Spitfire Pool common

A fish which once went nine years without capture fell to Ian Poole after a spot-on prediction from the venue boss.

The 46lb 8oz Long Common tripped up at Norfolk’s small-but-tricky Spitfire Pool just moments after venue owner Rich Wilby forecast it.

“I spoke to Rich on the phone,” Ian told Carpfeed, “and I told him I’d seen that fish active, and he’s obviously got such a feel for the place – he said ‘you’re going to have it’.

“He said I’d have it that night, he knows the pool so well.”

Ian Poole with the Long Common at 46lb 8oz

Ian Poole with the Long Common at 46lb 8oz

Experienced carper Ian caught the sought-after fish just yards from the bank at the 1.5-acre venue which contains just 15 carp.

Having seen the Long Common in the same area in the mornings of his four-night stay, Ian, who works at Bankside Tackle in Gloucester, dropped into a tiny swim to get a little closer to a presentable spot.

“I moved a rod closer to the area for Wednesday morning and just left it there. I think on small waters if you’re two rod lengths away [from where the fish want to feed] you might as well be two miles away.”

Having found a clear spot in 3ft of water about 12 yards down the bank to his right, Ian sat tight and, having spoken to Rich on the phone, received a liner at 9.15pm.

Fifteen minutes later, he was in.

“It flat-rodded me, to be honest,” said Ian, recalling the fish’s initial burst of power.

“There was a lot of weed, but it was dying, so I knew if I kept the fish moving the line would just scythe through it.”

The fish, which evaded capture between March 2005 and April 2014 and was described by Ian as so long it was “like trying to net a catfish”, was scooped up at the second attempt.

All alone on the lake, the Gloucestershire angler called on two anglers from neighbouring Mustang Lake for assistance.

“I have to say a big thanks to Dave Peacock and his friend Ed, who reeled in and came to help with the pics,” said Ian.


  • Standard hair rig
  • Hook: Size Korda Krank
  • Hooklink: 8ins of 15lb Korda N-Trap Soft with 0.5ins peeled back
  • Hookbait: Bankside Tackle Bio-Shellfish with Fruit Bomb and Salmon flavours bottom bait
  • Loosefeed: About 20 matching freebies, plus Bankside Tackle prepared hemp
  • Lead: 2oz on a lead clip