Five-fish hit for Tom Maker at Linear St John's

Five-fish hit for Tom Maker at Linear St John's

Strong winds had Tom Maker scurrying for one of his favourite venues and an almost inevitable haul of fish.

The Sticky and Fox-backed England international dropped in on St John’s at Oxfordshire’s Linear Fisheries and managed five fish to just under 30lb in 48 hours.

The 26-year-old said: “Having suffered bad weather for a few weeks with high air pressure and cold temperatures, the weather was due to change for a 36-hour period with massively strong south-westerly winds, heavy rain and low pressure.

This 29lb 12oz mirror topped Tom's five-fish catch

This 29lb 12oz mirror topped Tom's five-fish catch

“With temperatures into double figures I knew I just had to get out fishing, and I decided to face the storm head on and fish the Road Bank of St. John's where I knew I would be in with a chance of a few fish.

“Clipping up to a spot I had fished previously I soon had three rods on the spot with some bait over the top.”

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Tom, whose session took place at the end of November, fished at 26 wraps (104yds) and initially baited with 10 Spombs before topping up with three more after each bite.

“With the wind and rain smashing into me I retreated back to the bivvy to take cover. The weather through the night was horrendous; in fact, some of the worst I have ever fished in, but the fish decided to play ball and during the course of the night and early morning I went on to land five and lose one, topped off by a stunningly scaled near 29lb 12oz mirror.”


  • 360 rig
  • Hookbait: 12mm Sticky Peach & Pepper pop-up
  • Loosefeed: 3kg of sweetcorn, 3kg of finely crumbed Sticky Manilla boilies and 500ml of Cloudy Manilla Liquid
  • Hook: Size 5 Fox Edges Curve Medium
  • Hooklink: 25lb Fox Coretex Matt