First two fish from new water total 90lb

First two fish from new water total 90lb

Your first couple of fish from a new water are always special, but for Scott Clark they were even better than that.

The 30-year-old builder’s first two carp from the Main Lake at Fryerning came in the same session and weighed 38lb 6oz and 51lb 8oz.

The Boss was Scott's second fish from Fryerning

The Boss was Scott's second fish from Fryerning

The 90lb-plus brace was completed with the big mirror known as the Boss just moments before the Ipswich angler was due to leave the Essex syndicate.

He said: “It totally blew me away. I could not believe I had just landed the Boss at a back-breaking 51lb 8oz. I had smashed my pb and I had achieved something I had only dreamed of.”

The smaller of the two fish, a mirror known as Stripe, arrived at 3pm on the Saturday of a two-night weekend session.

Scott had opted to fish the Royal Box swim to get access to a range of depths from 6ft to 11ft, and it was the deeper spot that produced just an hour after recasting.

“I’d just got back in to my bivvy to watch the lake when my middle rod went screaming off,” he said, “I couldn't believe I'd had my first Fryerning take and after around 20 minutes I had managed to net a fish known as the Stripe. I was totally blown away.”

Almost exactly 24 hours later, as Scott prepared to pack up and leave, he received his second take from the venue.

He said: “Another angler a couple of pegs up came over and we were having a chat when out of nowhere my alarm went off and the hanger pulled up tight on my left rod.

“After five to 10 minutes I managed to get it to around 20 yards from the bank. After getting it to around 10 yards the fish just went solid and I knew it was a big one.

“Around 20 minutes into the fight the fish started to tire, and after getting it to the surface a few times the other angler said ‘I think I know which fish it is’ and I knew I had to take my time!

“Five minutes later I managed to get the fish to the surface and the other angler helped net it. I walked over, opened the net and there was a huge fish known as the Boss.”

The fish is known as the Boss

The fish is known as the Boss


How’s that for the first two fish from a new water? Scott watched the weather and gambled on cold rain pushing the fish into deeper water, and boy did it pay off. There’s at least one other fifty in Fryerning, so he’s still got plenty of stock to go at.


  • IQ D rig (the capture of the Stripe)
  • Ronnie rig (the Boss)
  • Hooklink: 15lb Korda IQ
  • Hook: Size 6 Korda Kurv
  • Hookbait: Sweetcorn (capture of the Stripe), Sticky Manilla White Ones (the Boss)
  • Loosefeed: Sticky Manilla stringers and free offerings