First-session forty for on-form Arron

First-session forty for on-form Arron

Arron Fisher bagged his second forty of the year on his first session at a Yateley syndicate water, but was made to jump in to land it.

Having caught a 47lb 6oz mirror from Angler’s Paradise in February, the Cornish plumber struck gold on his first trip to Swan Valley in Hampshire.

This 43lb 6oz mirror, known as Enoch, left Arron “shaking like a leaf” on his debut visit.

Arron has the golden touch at the moment 

Arron has the golden touch at the moment 

Having found fish in a bay, Arron initially fished zigs and PVA bags, but after a quiet night and following day he switched his approach.

He told “I put out two Withy Pool rigs on two spots and a hinged stiff rig on the other.

“Nearly 24 hours later my right-hand rod slowly started to bend round and I was on it in a flash.

“The fish didn't feel of any size and wasn't taking line but instead was just kiting right towards a branch that was going into the water. At this point I thought I best give it a bit to stop it going into the branch and that is when I realised this was in fact a half-decent fish as I couldn't stop it.

“The inevitable happened and it made it past the branch and everything went solid. In a moment of madness I jumped in fully clothed and waded up the margin in waist-deep water to get to the other side of the branch.

“Luckily everything went according to plan and I managed to wade back to my swim where another member was now kindly waiting with my net.

“At the second attempt the fish rolled in the net and I peered in and thought 'what a result, a good thirty for my first fish'.

“Dan wanted a peek and as I lifted the net he instantly recognised the fish and informed me that I had just landed the much sought-after Enoch, which was usually mid-forty.

“Shaking like a leaf I phoned my friend John Flewin who was also on the lake, and he instantly reeled in and came to do the photography and help with the weighing.

“The fish went 43lb 6oz and I was now sitting on cloud nine. Unbelievably this is my second good forty in just over a month now.”


Most of us use the first trip to a new venue as a scouting mission, going in hope rather than expectation. But not Arron, whose great year goes from strength to strength. Swan Valley is a tricky, weedy venue fished by many top names chasing its large head of forties.


  • Withy Pool rig
  • Hook: Size 6 Hybrid Tackle Armohawk Curv
  • Hooklink: 18lb ESP Sink Link
  • Hookbait: 14mm CR Baits CR1 pop-up
  • Loosefeed: PVA bag of pellets and Hooked on Baits hemp