EXCLUSIVE: Biggest carp in Wales tops incredible Wharf haul

EXCLUSIVE: Biggest carp in Wales tops incredible Wharf haul

The biggest Welsh mirror ever claimed has capped an incredible session on a city-centre venue.

James Bromley tempted four fish in 24 hours from the Wharf, a former shipping dock a stone’s throw from the coast in Cardiff.

The 46lb mirror is believed to be the biggest living carp in Wales following the death of the 48lb Roath Park Lake common.

The biggest living carp in Wales

The biggest living carp in Wales

James’s catch also included an 8lb stocky, a 15lb common and a 36lb 13oz mirror.

The Bait-Tech consultant told carpfeed.com: “This time of year the carp in the Wharf don't tend to give themselves up and locating them is a job in itself.

“There was a break in the weather and as the wind died back I noticed a few subtle signs of fish – just a few bubbles in a particular area. I wasted no time in loading the barrow and setting up before the next band of rain came in.

“I had a quick lead around in the area and I found a shallower plateau that was around 6ft deep at 80 yards. The average depth of water at this end of the lake is 10-12ft.”

Having baited with a kilo of boilies plus hemp and sweetcorn, the Cardiff angler fired out two rods to the spot and placed his third in the margins.

An 8lb stocky was the first fish at 2am and another run followed four hours later.

“I was woken by a savage run on the right rod,” said James, “I darted out the bivvy with no shoes on and hit into something that was obviously a lot bigger than the first fish.

“After a long, gruelling battle I slipped the net under a lovely scaly fish known as Pawprint. 

“It went 36lb 13oz and I was made up.”

Pawprint at 36lb 13oz

Pawprint at 36lb 13oz

A mid-double common followed at about 10am before the weather worsened around noon.

“I was on my bed holding tightly onto my storm poles thinking the bivvy was going to take off when I had two beeps on the left rod and the line started to slacken.

“Out in the storm I wound down the slack and as soon as I hit into the fish it started to strip line and was going on powerful long runs.

“The Wharf has a few big catfish and I was sure this was one. Fifty yards down the bank I was beginning to gain line and the fish rolled out in the middle and I had a quick glimpse of its side and immediately knew this was the biggest carp in the lake.

“Another few minutes passed before I finally slipped the net under the monster. This fish is known as Eben Haezer after the old iconic boat that used to sit in the Wharf.

“It’s a tricky lake and multiple catches are rare, so to bag four in under 24 hours with an 82lb brace in such an amazing venue really made it a session I will never forget.”


This is a momentous haul from a tricky venue. The Wharf is a rectangular former shipping dock surrounded by urban development and doesn’t give up its fish easily. This mirror is a worthy successor to the Roath Park Lake common (which came from another urban venue at the other end of the Welsh capital) and James, who has now caught five 30lb-plus in the last few weeks, is one to watch.


  • Ronnie rig
  • Hook: Size 4 Gardner Mugga
  • Hooklength: 4-5ins of Korda Boom
  • Hookbait: Pink Bait-Tech Triple-N pop-up
  • Loosefeed: A kilo of whole and chopped Bait-Tech Triple-N soaked in Nutty Glug, plus a tin of Bait-Tech Superseed Hemp and a tin of Bait-Tech Scopex Sweetcorn