Dinton's Triple Row on first session

Dinton's Triple Row on first session

Alex West’s first trip to Dinton Pastures after a two-year wait for a ticket ended with the capture of one of the venue’s most wanted fish.

The Triple Row Linear weighed in at 44lb 10oz and was caught alongside a 25lb common at the Berkshire venue.

The magnificent linear went 44lb 10oz

The magnificent linear went 44lb 10oz

Alex said: “After a two-year wait on the list, a dream ticket for me came up.

“I had a walk round the pit mid-morning on my first trip and saw a fish show in front of a swim on the end of a warmish wind on the opposite bank.

“After closer inspection I saw another carp show straight in front of me.”

Setting up in the driving rain, Alex opted to fish single Sticky Signature pop-ups in the shallow water.

He continued: “I was tying up a spare rig when a few bleeps signalled on one of the rods before the tip bent round and the alarm screamed a one-toner.

“After staring in disbelief at the offending rod for a split second, I was soon at the end of the swim and in the water playing what was obviously a good fish.

“She bored down under the rod tip for ages and after around 15 minutes gave up coughing water and as her huge shoulders broke the surface I realised a dream was coming true!

“It was one of the A-Team of the lake within my first few hours of casting out!

“I’ll be buzzing for the rest of the year now and feel very fortunate indeed to have crossed paths with such an amazing creature.”

Alex’s rigs featured Thinking Anglers Tungskin hooklinks and, interestingly, some “prototype size 6 hooks” from the same company.