Dinton's Triple Row at new top weight

Dinton's Triple Row at new top weight

One of the most sought-after mirrors in the land gave Jack Keating a new personal best at the rock-hard Dinton Pastures.

The 24-year-old, who has had a successful year on the Berkshire venue, caught the epic Triple Row at 47lb 10oz from White Swan.

The beautiful mirror came on the final morning of an otherwise-quiet three-day session.

You can see why it's called Triple Row

You can see why it's called Triple Row

The self-employed carpenter opted to fish on the back of an easterly wind away from other anglers.

Fish began showing in the middle of the lake a couple of hours after sunrise on day two and three, but Jack began to think they weren’t feeding.

He said: “At 9am on my last morning the left-hand rod absolutely ripped off. After picking up the rod the fish went on a slow but powerful run kiting to the right-hand side.

“After a few minutes I could feel the fish trying to get its head into a weed bed but after some constant steady pressure I managed to keep the fish moving.

“The fish was now in a safe area so I managed to get in the waders, get in the lake and set the net. Once the fish was 15 to 20 yards in front of me it made its last burst for freedom, bolting for a fallen tree in the right-hand margin.

“As the fish bolted for the margin I lowered the rod to the left to give as much side strain to the fish as possible. The next thing I saw was a flash of golden scales as the fish hit the surface and flanked just short of the snag.

“I couldn’t believe my eyes – it had to be Triple Row!

“I managed to guide him away from the snag and then the beast popped up ready for the net. I was absolutely blown away – what an absolute beast at its top weight of 47lb 10 oz!”

Jack's on fine form at Dinton

Jack's on fine form at Dinton


This mirror is one of the best around and a rare visitor to the bank. It’s not Jack’s first Dinton forty either and he’s making a bit of a name for himself down at the challenging Berkshire country park.


  • Hinged stiff rig
  • Hooklink: 25lb ESP Bristle Filament and 20lb Gardner Trick Link
  • Hook: Size 5 Gardner Covert Choddy
  • Hookbait: White Sticky Signature Squid pop-up
  • Loosefeed: Fifteen 16mm Sticky Krill boilies