Dinton's finest after incredible boat battle

Dinton's finest after incredible boat battle

Jason Walker had to take off his spool mid-fight, untangle his rod tip and deal with a mountain weed before finally claiming one of the finest mirror carp around.

The incredibly fraught battle at Dinton Pastures in Berkshire yielded Son of Triple Row at a new top weight of 46lb 2oz.

What a fish - and what a battle! Son of Triple Row at 46lb 2oz

What a fish - and what a battle! Son of Triple Row at 46lb 2oz

Recalling the 30-minute boat fight, Jason said: “The first time I saw the fish on the surface I thought it was the [seldom-caught] Sandford Linear, as it was jet black and had a large row of dark scales, so I was pretty keen to get it in the net.

“However, it quickly turned and powered off down to the bottom of the Lake, where it weeded me solid again.

“I had to put the rod down and start handlining, but then I realised the line had gone round the back of the spool.

“I tried to unravel it, but it was no good; I had to take the spool off mid-fight and untangle it.

“Fortunately, the fish wasn’t moving, as it was stuck in a huge weedbed. Once I’d untangled the line, I put the spool back on and went to wind down, but the line had caught around the rod tip, so I quickly had to unravel that before winding down into the fish.

“I put maximum pressure on, but it still wouldn’t move, so I had to try to handline the fish to the surface.

“The fish eventually came up amongst a huge ball of weed, so with one hand I grabbed hold of the leadcore and used the other to feel for the fish amongst the weed.

“With the fish now up on the surface, I grabbed my net and pushed the whole weedbed into it. Just then I saw a huge mirror bolt to the bottom of the net, a surreal sight indeed.

“I grabbed hold of the arms of the net and lifted the whole lot out of the water, almost breaking the net in the process.

“I put my hand into the net to make 100 per cent sure there was a fish inside and was relieved to feel there was. I shouted over to my friends on the bank and told them I’d got the Sandford Lin.”

Dedication: Jason's rolled-on-bank hookbaits

Dedication: Jason's rolled-on-bank hookbaits

On the bank, Myles Gibson identified the fish as Son of Triple Row at a new highest weight of 46lb 2oz.

“What a stunning carp,” said Jason, “I doubt I’ll better it – black on the back, deep mahogany scales and a brown, orangey belly.”

He added: “Dinton really is a special place and all credit to Simon, the fishery manager. I’d like to say a big thank you to those who helped out and did the pictures; you all know who you are. I haven’t stopped looking at the pictures since I got home!”

Jason fished hand-rolled DNA Baits S7 pop-ups over a large bed of mixed-six S7 freebies.