Day-ticket upper 40 on a social session

Day-ticket upper 40 on a social session

Coming out last in the draw for swims on a social session didn’t stop Tony Bullion landing this incredible day-ticket common.

The fish, which weighed 47lb 4oz, came from Kingfisher Lake at Waterside Fishery in Chesham, Buckinghamshire.

This day-ticket bruiser went 47lb-plus!

This day-ticket bruiser went 47lb-plus!

Fortune was clearly with Tony, who was a late replacement on a MAD Baits social event after a couple of other anglers had dropped out.

He said: “I arrived at Waterside around 7.15am and we all decided to do a couple of laps of the lake before the draw was done.

“Typically, I came out last and should have been up in the cold end of the lake, but I asked if I could fit in between the second and third swims as we were only fishing one side of the lake.”

Having slotted into position, Tony fished two baits three rod lengths short of the far-margin reeds.

He added: “At around 3.55am I was woken by a one-toner on the alarms and once I got out to the rod, the line was peeling off the spool. The fight was hard and dogged but it didn't feel to be one of the big ones until the carp was under the rod tip!

“I played the fish with caution for 10 minutes until she was ready for the net to be slipped under her. As it was still dark I couldn't really see the fish properly but I knew this one was special.
“Once we had rested her we then took her out for a proper look.  It was then that we realised it was the 'big one'. We weighed it and the scales spun around to 47lb 4oz. I couldn't believe it.
“What a session – one to be remembered for a long time, and as it was a social it was fantastic to share this capture with such good friends.”


Social sessions are often best remembered for the laughs rather than the fish, but Tony has had the best of both worlds here! This common is certainly one of the most impressive day-ticket fish around at the moment. There are two lakes at Waterside and both are accessible to all for as little as £15 for 24 hours.


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Tony was given permission by the fishery to photograph the fish at dawn

Tony was given permission by the fishery to photograph the fish at dawn