Danny Fairbrass reveals cancer diagnosis

Danny Fairbrass reveals cancer diagnosis

Danny Fairbrass has spoken of the cancer diagnosis that inspired him to warn anglers of the dangers of sunburn.

The Korda founder has talked for the first time about developing skin cancer and how anglers must protect themselves.

Danny had a mole removed from his arm in December 2016 before a diagnosis was made in January 2017. He was operated on and subsequently given the all clear but will need regular check ups in the coming months and years.   

Korda has now launched two items of Kool clothing – a neck buff and a long-sleeve T-shirt – with all profits going to Essex-based Lennox Children’s Cancer Fund. A bucket hat will join the range at a later date.

The Kool range has been designed to protect from the sun's rays

The Kool range has been designed to protect from the sun's rays

Speaking to Carpfeed, Danny said he wanted to stress the importance of not burning in the sun.

He said: “The awareness is the most important part of it. That’s what I’m most pleased about – there’s been a lot of chatter and it’s a very emotive subject but I didn’t realise just how many anglers have been affected by skin cancer. I was quite staggered by it.

“If I can stop one person from ending up with skin cancer then it’s been worth doing.”

Danny told us he was sitting by the pool with his family on holiday in America when he got the call to tell him about the results of his biopsy.

“I had the mole removed in December [2016] but they can’t do a biopsy until it’s out of you.

“When you get told the C word it feels like your life stops. It was the worst time and you can’t plan for anything.”

Danny said he did not tell anyone at Korda and continued to work as normal.

“I had a very good coach to maintain my weight and they’ve become a bit of a life coach. It was a very stressful time but he is very rationalising and helps you deal with the emotional side of it.

“I didn’t tell anyone anything, I didn’t want to create a fuss.”

The garments do not carry an SPF rating but Danny has worn them extensively and said he has not tanned beneath them. He said Korda has looked at releasing clothes with an SPF rating but they were too heavy and dark to wear in the sun.

Reflecting on his chosen charity, Danny added: “People have said ‘why haven’t you done Cancer Research?’ but everybody does that and there are millions being pumped into it.

“This isn’t going to generate £100,000s, but it might generate £10,000s and I wanted it to go somewhere where there are going to feel the difference of that amount. Cancer Research is obviously a fantastic charity but it already gets so much.”

Becky Dimond from Lennox Children’s Cancer Fund said the charity was “absolutely delighted” to be approached by Korda.

She added: “It is so important that everyone takes sensible precautions in the sun and we are very glad to see Danny Fairbrass spreading this message and promoting cancer awareness.

“We are a small charity, and we rely heavily on people like Danny to raise money to help us provide financial and practical support to families of children diagnosed with cancer. We would like to express our enormous gratitude to Danny and Korda.”

The T-shirt retails for £29.99 and the buff for £9.99. Both are in tackle shops now, with the bucket hat following later.