Craig dives in during storm for 58lb mirror

Craig dives in during storm for 58lb mirror

Craig McEvoy jumped into the lake to net this huge 58lb mirror, which obliterated his personal best.

The Wolverhampton angler had set his sights on landing a winter 50 from the Avenue in Shropshire, and reached his goal by landing a fish known as Captain Scarlet during high winds and driving rain.

He told Carpfeed: “It was looking like another uneventful session but amidst a hell of a storm my alarm let out a series of bleeps. As I peered out from under the brolly, I could see that the bobbin had pulled up tight and I did a double take... I couldn’t believe it, I was in!”

“The fight was slow and ponderous, and the storm was creating havoc – I could barely see the lake because the rain and wind was lashing into my face.

“Then, after 10 minutes I saw a huge cream-like leviathan below the waves, and I started praying that the barbless hook would stay in place!

“Eventually she came up and wallowed on the surface just out of netting range. Without thinking I jumped in up to my waist and engulfed her first time!”

Worth jumping in for!

Worth jumping in for!

After securing the fish, Craig phoned fishery owner Rob Hales, who along with his son Harry came down to help with the pictures and weighing process.

“When Rob read out 58lb and i was in disbelief!” added Craig.

“Shaking like a child, I held my prize aloft to capture my trophy shot. An incredible beast! The long harsh winter had been worth it and it just proves that it only takes one bite!”

He used a Dynamite Baits Monster Tiger Nut wafter fished over a bed of matching freebies on a German rig. This was fished to the bottom of a clay bar in the middle of the lake.