Controversial Dot Spod now in the UK

Controversial Dot Spod now in the UK

[UPDATED 19/6/18]

A bait rocket which had previously not been available in the UK is now being distributed in this country by Nash.

The Dot Spod, which had been the subject of legal action by Spomb, is made by Serbian company Carp System.

British firm Spomb has long fought against the sale of the product in mainland Europe and the UK, but Carp System has always claimed it has not breached Spomb's patents.

Kevin Nash has today [18/6] said he believes Spomb's "UK patent is invalid" with regard to the Dot Spod.

Last night [11pm June 18], Spomb's Judith Houghton told Carpfeed the matter will 'end up in court'.

She said: "Our solicitors/patent attorneys are aware of this," adding: "I’m afraid we cannot comment on matters that will end up in court. Litigation has to go through a process."

When asked whether Spomb has issued a writ to Nash, Judith replied: "No comment."

In a statement, Kevin Nash said: "In connection with the Dot Spod product, Spomb have made various representations that this product infringes their UK patent (GB 2,456,085 B).

"It is our opinion that this UK patent is invalid. As a result, we have requested that the UK Intellectual Property Office (UKIPO), who awarded this UK patent in the first place, reconsider their original decision to award Spomb the patent.

"Our request contains new material which the UKIPO was not aware of at the time they originally awarded the UK patent to Spomb, and we believe that this new material will result in the UKIPO concluding that the patent is invalid, and therefore deciding to revoke the patent. 

"We expect the UKIPO to issue their above decision as to whether the patent should be revoked in the next two months.

"A further statement will be released at that time.”

According to posts from various tackle shops on social media, the Nash-distributed Dot Spod will cost £13.99 and come in two colours: black and white.

Spomb's website states it has "various intellectual property rights granted and pending" including trademarks, European and Chinese patents and a European Community Design registration.

Carp System confirmed the distribution deal on its Facebook page on Monday afternoon [18/6].

In December, Carp System posted on Facebook (see below) that the Patent Cooperation Treaty (PCT), which grants patents covering more than 150 countries, had ruled its design did not infringe Spomb's.