Contrasting carp at Cottington for Cornish Arron

Contrasting carp at Cottington for Cornish Arron

Arron Fisher traversed the country from his Cornish home to bank two very different carp from Cottington Lakes in Kent.

The plumber joined a group of anglers on session at Pepper Lake on the popular day-ticket complex and drew peg 10.

After a frustrating 36 hours, Arron swapped his hookbait and cast closer to an island margin for an immediate change of fortune.

He told Carpfeed: “Forty-five minutes later it was away.

“When the fish hit the surface it was a bit of a shock as I have never seen such a luminous orange fish in my life!

“A few of the lads came around to have a look at the amazing-looking koi and with photos done she was returned to her watery home.”

What a creature!

What a creature!


That might have been it for Arron in terms of action, but on the last night he jumped into swim 13 which had been vacated by one of his group who had to leave early.

“Nothing of note happened during the night,” said Arron, “but as we were packing up in the morning my left-hand rod was away.

“Now, I had been warned how hard these fish fought but I still wasn't ready for the battle that ensued. 

“Twenty-five minutes later we finally saw the fish for the first time and even though I knew it was a decent fish seeing it on the surface just confirmed it and the knees went. 

“Eventually she slipped over the cord and after sorting everything out she was hoisted up on the scales which swung round to 39lb exactly.  

“I was absolutely made up with this fish as all I wanted from the water was one of its scaly inhabitants, let alone a beast of one.”

What he really came for, a 39lb scaly mirror

What he really came for, a 39lb scaly mirror


  • Ronnie rig
  • Hook: Hybrid Tackle size 6 Curv and Spinner Rig pack
  • Hookbait: CR Baits CR1 and Hooked on Baits R9 sprayed with Stinky Stuff Bubblegum Cream
  • Lead: 3oz flat pear inline and 3oz flat-sided ball lead