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NewsThom Airscarpy

Our inbox is overflowing this week and a lot of the photos are just achingly carpy, so, in a feature which may or may not become a regular fixture, we’ve decided to round up our Carpiest Images of the Week.

First up is Andy Adams, who has basically completed carpy bingo in a single image. Visible Vass wader straps? Tick. Burgundy beanie? Tick. Beard? Tick. Dark Oxfordshire mirror? Tick. Just the right amount of background bokeh? Tick.

DOG? Tick, tick, boom! We love dogs.

This fish was one of 20 in three nights at Linear St John’s, all caught on solid PVA bags filled with CC Moore Mini Ultra Mix with a yellow plastic wafter hookbait, fished over a bed of 10mm CC Moore Live System and corn.

And speaking of Vass waders, this is glorious, our first sighting in the wild of a Vass ‘wader strap’ T-shirt. That’s right, the ‘strap’ is purely two-dimensional decoration. John Horry models it beautifully here with an 18lb mirror from Goosedale in Nottinghamshire. Using Sticky Krill and particles he also had a 1lb 12oz roach, which is worthy of bonus points.

Next up it’s Dan Pestell playing a carp-shaped guitar. A burgundy hat makes another appearance and the addition of a pin badge is a touch of class. The fish, a 38lb 8oz southern mirror named Broken Pec, ain’t bad either! CC Moore Dairy Supreme pop-ups over Pacific Tuna freebies did the trick for Dan, who gets bonus points for mentioning the full moon in his catch report.

Oh, now this is just lovely. Simply lovely. Neil and Lucas Dancer sharing a moment and making sure the next generation is well aware of the carpy merits of a proud dorsal fin. We’re also going to go out on a limb here and say that posing next to an otter fence is an increasingly carpy two-fingered salute to our furry friends.

A single Sticky Signature pop-up was all the Dancers needed to land this double at a Chertsey club water.   

Finally, this week’s ‘close but no cigar’ trophy must got to Josef Bohrn who so nearly gets it just right.

Firstly, this lovely common is from Austria, which we reckon will be the carpiest Euro destination of 2017 (word on the street is the Nash lads are plotting a very special video from there).

Secondly, Josef has the most beautiful beard and intense thousand-yard stare this side of the World’s Strongest Man contest you inexplicably watch at Christmas on Channel Five.

The orange glow of city lights in the background also hints at an edgy urban venue, but it's the slightly blurry fish which heartbreakingly precludes this image from our hall of fame.