Camel photobombs carper's catch pic

Camel photobombs carper's catch pic

Capturing wildlife in carp catch pics has increased in popularity in recent years – but Jack Thomson has surely topped the lot with this photobomb.

This friendly camel popped into view as the 25-year-old landed this common off the surface at an East Sussex club water.

The lake borders an alpaca farm, which also accommodates a single Bactrian (two-humped) camel.

Smile! Jack and his new mate!

Smile! Jack and his new mate!

“You don’t realise how big they are until you stand next to one,” chuckled Jack, “but he was quite friendly and I gave him a stroke.”

The welder had nipped to the lake in a 40-minute window between jobs.

He added: “I’m really into my carp fishing on the rivers and I joined this club to target a particular stretch.

“The club has also got this lake and I went for a walk round a couple of weeks ago. It’s actually an alpaca farm but the farmer seems to have a camel!

“On that occasion I caught a 20lb common off the surface but the camel didn’t want to come over for a pic!

“This time, it came over as I was setting up the camera.”

Asked how much the fish weighed, Jack joked: “I don’t know – it’s pretty irrelevant when there’s a camel there. I think I’ve raised the bar in terms of animal pics!”

The fish was taken on a CC Moore Duo floater over floating trout pellets soaked in halibut oil.