Britain's biggest ghost carp?

Britain's biggest ghost carp?

What is thought to be Britain's biggest ghostie has been caught at a new top weight.

This 53lb brute, known as the Long Ghostie, fell to Lewis Read at Berkshire’s Wellington Country Park.

A ghost that went lump in the night for Lewis

A ghost that went lump in the night for Lewis

“It’s a monumental fish,” said the Gardner man, “and was in absolute mint condition, not a single blemish, its mouth was perfect.”

“I’m not sure but I think it might be a Welly ghostie record, and again I’m not sure if there are any bigger in the UK either?”

The fish, which Lewis has caught twice before, came during a midweek overnighter. Arriving at 7.30pm, Lewis was talking to two other members when they heard two fish crash out in darkness on the other side of the bay.

“I scarpered round to the area we had heard them,” said Lewis, “and three casts later I had the three rods roughly positioned covering the areas in which they had rolled.

“It was windy as hell and drizzling (always nice when you’re sleeping under the stars) and among the constant bleeping from the wind buffering the setup I had a steady take at 2.30am which turned out to be this one.

“It was a nice way to start the year on there – especially considering that it’s the same fish that kicked off my year last year.”


Wellington Country Park has burst into life this week. Shortly after Lewis caught this giant ghostie, David Gaskin had a very special haul. Lewis had a great year on Welly in 2016 and he looks to be off to another flyer on limited time.