Biggest common carp in Britain tops 65lb

Biggest common carp in Britain tops 65lb

Caught this morning, this is the first 65lb common recorded in Britain.

The 65lb 2oz carp, known as Tarka, was banked by Rob Hales during a rare session on his own Avenue syndicate in Shropshire.

The male fish was attacked by an otter when it was in one of Rob’s stock ponds and was transferred to the lake at a weight of 38lb in 2010.

Britain’s biggest commons by top weight

  • 65lb 2oz – Tarka, the Avenue, Shropshire

  • 64lb 2oz – Benson, Bluebell Lakes, Northamptonshire

  • 63lb 4oz – The Lee Jackson Fish, Strawberry Fields, Kent

  • 62lb 8oz – The Burghfield Common, Burghfield Main Lake, Berkshire

“As a rough calculation it’s probably 15 years old,” Rob told Carpfeed, “It’s gone from upper thirty to 65lb in eight years.”

The capture followed a series of eerily accurate predictions from Rob.

Rob's joy is clear to see!

Rob's joy is clear to see!

In a call to Carpfeed yesterday, the day before he caught the fish, he said: “This is just my third day on the lake this year. I’ve come today because conditions are absolutely bang on.

“There’s a light westerly breeze, low cloud and a bit of drizzle and rain.”

Less than 18 hours later he was cradling the biggest British common ever, after another couple of predictions came true.

Today he said: “I was fishing quite a tight clutch and the rod just tightened up. I think I got to it before it could take any line.

“Yesterday I watched an angler playing a fish on the opposite bank and from the way he was playing it I said it would be[the mirror known as] Sweet Cheeks – and it was [at 58lb 12oz]!

The fish's massive frame is evident here

The fish's massive frame is evident here

“With the way my fish was fighting I said to my two mates, ‘I’m not going to tell you which one I think it is, but if it is that one it’s going to smash my pb’.

“It was actually such a bright morning and the sun was bouncing off the water that it was difficult to see exactly what was happening as it went in the net.”

Rob used his own Edge bait and caught the fish on a wafter over a couple of kilos of matching freebies. He fished at 18 wraps from Pete’s Point.

Discussing Tarka’s remarkable recovery from its otter attack, Rob added: “If you look at fish like the Scarred Fish in France [which reached 99lb despite being tethered as a juvenile], and big two-tone fish that some say have suffered a stroke, there’s something to be said for fish that have encountered wounds then go on to grow big. But I really didn’t think it at the time we stocked Tarka.”

It was the perfect sunny morning for a catch shot

It was the perfect sunny morning for a catch shot