Back to basics for French 83-pounder

Back to basics for French 83-pounder

Scaling down rather than up for a French whacker gave Simon Harratt this monster 83-pounder.

The 83lb 11oz mirror, known as Barbie Jo, came during a week-long session at Mar Peche.

Simon, from Leicestershire, had initially struggled to get through to the bigger fish, but a change of tactics reversed his fortunes.

The biggest fish in Mar Peche at 83lb 11oz

The biggest fish in Mar Peche at 83lb 11oz

The 32-year-old said: “Due to the size of the fish in the lake I'd sized up all my end tackle to better deal withmonsters that lurk beneath, but after a few lads had started to pick through the recently dropped-in stockies I decided to go back to what I know and ditch the large piles of bait, big hooks and big baits and reach for my trusty pot of pineapple pop ups.

“Now all I needed was to wait for a showing fish. So just before dark they started and I dropped my favourite rig straight down after them and down with a donk it went.

“The following morning came and off it went with a 21lb common which got me off of a blank and I felt a lot more confident in my normal fishing style.

“The rod went straight back out on the very same spot and after a few beers with the lads off it went screaming towards the middle of the lake.

“After a 20-minute scrap on my 2.75lb ESP Snipers the lake’s largest known resident was in the net. I was loving life, and everything after has been a blur!”


  • Multi rig
  • Hook: Size Nash Fang Twister
  • Hooklink: Nash Combi Link
  • Hookbait: Sticky Pineapple and N'butyric Acid pop-up fished as a single