Avenue's latest 50 has special significance for Craig

Avenue's latest 50 has special significance for Craig

Craig McEvoy banked his second 50 of the year with a carp he had already named after his daughter.

The fish, which weighed in at 50lb 2oz and is called Summer’s Mirror, is a new 50-pounder for the Avenue in Shropshire.

“I had virtually packed up and had reeled in one rod, with the other on the floor,” Craig told Carpfeed.

“I casually put the one rod in my holdall and when I walked back the rod on the floor had scooted off to the left and the reel was whizzing away.

“I picked the rod up and the fish had travelled 100yds into the corner of the pond.”

Trying to steer the fish clear of some lilypads, Craig could only watch as the fish went on another 100-yard run before it eventually succumbed.

He said: “I realised it was a fish I had caught in August last year at 44lb and got to name her after my daughter Summer. This time she looked much much bigger!

Summer's Mirror the Avenue

“Summer’s Mirror definitely lived up to her name – she made my day, a bit like my daughter does every day!”

Craig used Dynamite Monster Tiger Nut boilies.