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Anglers rally to donate unwanted fishing clothing to homeless [VIDEO]

NewsThom AirsVideo, video, CC Moore
Anglers rally to donate unwanted fishing clothing to homeless [VIDEO]

Donations of unwanted fishing clothes are pouring into a bait company’s headquarters as anglers rally around a plea to help the homeless.

CC Moore asked carpers to send in any spare fishing garments to clothe people on the streets this winter – and the response has been incredible.

The Somerset bait maker initially asked for donations on social media last week, and some of the biggest names in the trade have given it their backing.

All the clothes will be passed to the Street Support Network to distribute to homeless people.

CC Moore sales manager Mike Brown told Carpfeed: “On Monday our campaign really started to gather some momentum as several large brands picked up on our posts.

“Danny [Fairbrass] and the guys at Korda, followed by Dave [Ellyatt] and the ESP lads both made appeals on their pages and picked up a big response from their page followers.

“Gaz [Fareham] at Subsurface met me in person and handed over a load of garment samples such as hoodies and hats which were basically unworn!

“We have now had contact from Alan [Blair] and the Nash guys, Andy [Cadwallader] at Aqua, and Angling Direct, to name but a few, so the campaign is definitely picking up pace all the time.

“At the outset, we all agreed that even if we could help one person then it would be a result, but for absolute certain we will be able to do a lot more than that which is just amazing.”

Explaining how the idea came about, Mike added: “I visited Bournemouth with my girlfriend to see the Christmas lights display and we were both really saddened to see the number of people sleeping rough.

“The following morning in the CCM office we discussed it in detail, and both Ian Moore and James Armstrong mentioned that they too had noticed a big increase in the number of homeless people in the larger towns near to their homes.

“It was decided then and there that we would try to do something, and use the power of our social-media pages to reach out and appeal to anglers to donate suitable garments that we would then distribute in conjunction with a homeless charity.”

CC Moore is looking for warm clothing, hats, gloves, waterproofs and sleeping bags.

Send your items to:

CC Moore & Co Ltd
Unit 3 Harding’s Business Centre