90-minute battle for 55lb mirror

90-minute battle for 55lb mirror

Raking a weedy swim then enduring a 90-minute boat battle meant Jake Wright certainly worked hard for his capture of one of Britain’s best-known mirrors.

The 55lb specimen, known as Single Scale, fell along with a double-figure common at Ashmead in Somerset.

Single Scale took an hour and a half to get in

Single Scale took an hour and a half to get in

Having spotted fish in an area known as the Gallops, Jake set about trying to present a rig in the vicinity.

“The Gallops was one of the weediest areas of the lake," he said, "it didn’t look like it had been fished for a while.”

Having chosen two spots, Jake raked a clear route through the swim to aid his line lay.

“On the first morning I hadn’t seen a fish in the area but they arrived late afternoon – a fully scaled called Patch and Single Scale were there.”

On the second morning, Jake was woken by a double-figure common which he quickly slipped back.

“Then I walked up the bank to see if there was any feeding or activity over the other spot,” he said.

“As I stood there I couldn’t see anything. I was about to walk to my friend’s swim just down the bank when the rod gave a single beep and the bobbin wedged between the roller of the alarm and the blank of the rod. I lifted into the fish which was heavily weeded.”

Jake took to the boat but the fish ploughed from weedbed to weedbed.

The length and width of the fish is evident here

The length and width of the fish is evident here

“About 50yds down the bank we came to a weedbed and the line was pointing straight down. I put a small amount of pressure on the mainline with my hand, to feel if the fish was still attached.

“After feeling a couple of kicks, I put my arm in and grabbed a load of weed. As it came up, Single Scale slowly rose from the depths along with the weed.

“She paused for a couple of seconds before bolting off to another weedbed. After an hour and a half of getting towed around from weedbed to weedbed we eventually netted her – all 55lb of her, a healthy post-spawning weight to say the least.”

Jake baited with CC Moore Odyssey XXX boilies and fished a matching hookbait on a blowback rig.