55 bites in 24 hours for Tom Maker at Linear

55 bites in 24 hours for Tom Maker at Linear

Almost constant action for over 24 hours gave hauling supremo Tom Maker yet another big hit from Linear.

The 25-year-old England international hooked 55 carp in 25 and a half hours, landing 49 of them, at Brasenose Two on the Oxfordshire complex.

The biggest weighed 30lb 6oz and was one of two thirties. He also bagged 19 twenties from his gravel spot between two dying weedbeds at 140 yards.

The biggest of the session went 30lb 6oz

The biggest of the session went 30lb 6oz

The Fox-backed ace went heavy early with his baiting and reaped the rewards almost instantly.

He said: “After spending the Sunday night on Manor and managing one carp in challenging winds I woke early the next morning and decided on a move, purely because I felt I couldn't fish effectively in the peg I was in due to high winds, so I ventured over to B2.

“After speaking to a chap who was fishing in the central area of the lake who was due to leave around 10am I wasted no time in getting my kit packed down and moved over there.

“I could see plenty of fish showing at range and just knew it felt ‘right’ for a good session. The strong south-westerly wind was off my back, which made casting a lot easier and gave me good access to where the fish where.

“I started the session with 40 spods of bait before I put a rod in the water, purely to get a big bed of bait down to get the fish munching!

“After about an hour I eventually got three rods into position, and it didn't take long! In fact from 12.30pm until 2pm the following day it was just constant action. In total I hooked 55 carp and landed 49 of them!”


Tom knows Linear inside out and is not afraid to put the bait in when he feels the conditions are just right. Brasenose One can be trickier than some imagine, but get it right and the 2000-strong stock are there for the taking



  • 360 rig
  • Hooklink: 25lb Fox Cortex Matt
  • Hook: Size 5 Fox Edges Medium Curve
  • Lead: 4.5oz distance 
  • Hookbait: 16mm Sticky Signature Squid pop-ups critically balanced so they sank slowly
  • Loosefeed:  7kg of 12mm Sticky Krill, 10kg of sweetcorn and 2 litres of Cloudy Krill