50lb Wood Common is "a bit like a dream"

50lb Wood Common is "a bit like a dream"

Two bleeps and a twitching bobbin was the only indication Jason Yaxley received before lifting into one of the most prized common carp in the country weighing 50lb 10oz.

After four days without a bite at Spitfire Pool in Norfolk, the 27-year-old was beginning to fear a blank was on the cards.

But that all changed when he converted what was a tentative bite into the most memorable capture of his carping career – the mighty Wood Common.

The best in the country? It’s up there!

The best in the country? It’s up there!

Jason, from Diss, said: “It had been a dismal morning, and one of my rigs kept getting picked up by ducks.

“The other was in a lightly weeded channel next to an island, and when the alarm gave out a couple of short bleeps and the indicator trembled, I decided to hit it.

“To begin with it hardly fought at all and I actually thought it was one of the big rudd in the lake – the head shakes felt that small!

“But as it neared the bank I saw its tail and a few common carp scales… which is when the adrenaline kicked in!

“It went into the net first time, and proceeded to then go absolutely ballistic!”

The stunning fish fell for a Nash Baits Scopex Squid pop-up presented on a hinged stiff rig over a handful of matching freebies.

“Once I realised what I’d caught it was quite a surreal moment, a bit like I was in a dream!” added Jason.