44lb common from the margins at Bluebell Lakes

44lb common from the margins at Bluebell Lakes

A debut trip to Bluebell Lakes yielded this 44lb common from the margins for Stephen Green.

Setting up on Kingfisher Lake at the popular Northamptonshire day-ticket complex, Stephen was able to fish “up close and personal” in the edge.

44lb of margin-caught common

44lb of margin-caught common

He said: “I was itching with excitement, fishing a new venue not knowing anything about the place.

“I had a walk round and decided on fishing Point Two, which gave me a lot of water.

“I got some great advice chatting with [venue regular] Gary Denniss about the carp in the lake. I found some clear areas in the thick weed but nothing much happened over the first two nights.


“Fish had been jumping in the darkness which needed to be investigated. On Wednesday morning I climbed a few trees and I found a group of fish really flanking in shallow water.

“This is my sort of fishing – up close and personal, setting my traps and keeping quiet watching how they feed.

“Nothing happened the first night so I redid the rods. It was soon time to sit back and be patient.

“At 7.30am on Friday away went the middle rod off the spot where I had seen them flanking.

“I didn’t hang around too long to get it in the net and I saw my prize with a new UK pb 44lb common. I was well chuffed.  Two hours later I unfortunately dropped one coming from the same area.”


  • Line aligner
  • Hookbait: CC Moore Odyssey XXX bottom bait
  • Loosefeed: CC Moore Odyssey XXX boilies
  • Hook: Size 5 Nash Twister
  • Hooklink: Brown Fox Cortex Matt
  • Lead: 1oz pear
  • Leader: Clear Korda Safezone