40-year-old ghostie goes nearly 48lb

40-year-old ghostie goes nearly 48lb

One of the biggest ghost carp in the country, believed to be over 40 years old, has been banked at 47lb 14oz.

Joel Dighton caught the colourful character from Nunnery D Lake in Norfolk to set a new personal best.

“To say I went home happy with my new pb was an understatement,” said the Ipswich angler.  

The Nunnery D Lake ghostie

The Nunnery D Lake ghostie

Arriving at the Thetford venue, Joel had a swim in mind and only two other anglers to contend with.

“I thought it would be just my luck that the one I wanted was gone, but as luck would have it both anglers were on the other side.

“I left my barrow in the swim and went on a wander to have a chat with a couple of the other lads.

“While I was sitting there chatting away I could still see the water in front of the swim I fancied and on then one stuck its nose out, then another and another!”

Joel was full of confidence but endured a biteless night, before the wind picked up in the morning.

“My brother and a friend arrived that morning and just as they walked in the swim one showed bang on the baited rod.

“I thought this was it, surely, and 20 minutes later the rod pulled up tight and I was in.

“After a little battle from weedbed to weedbed, it popped up ready for the net.”

Joel fished a CC Moore Live System bottom bait on a blowback rig over a bed of whole and crushed 10mm CC Moore Live System boilies soaked in Amino Blend 365.