4 30s in Linch Hill surface hit

4 30s in Linch Hill surface hit

A patient approach to surface fishing helped Paul Hargreaves amass an enviable Linch Hill haul.

The Manchester angler caught the stunning George’s Lin at 39lb 10oz, plus the Baby Perch common at 37lb off the top in the heat at Christchurch on the Oxfordshire complex.

He also caught fish of 36lb, 34lb, 32lb and three twenties.

Arriving at the lake on the hottest day of the year so far, Paul thought his session could be a tough one.

He told Carpfeed: “We arrived at the lake to bright blue sky, intense sun rays, pollen scattered across the still surface and big dark brown backs that broke the glass lid.

“The fishing was going to be difficult.”

A bite at dawn the next day from a margin spot baited with tigers and Impulse Apex boilies boosted Paul’s confidence, but he knew if he was to catch consistently it would have to be from the surface.

“By 9am it was red hot and a chance on the bottom had now gone. The floater rod was out and for the next few hours I baited with dog biscuits, Spombing mixers at 60yds and catapulting mixers at 30 yds.

“The fish slowly but eventually took a liking to the floating biscuits. My approach would be to fish long at the 60yd spot then if I thought a better chance of a take was on the short line I would slowly retrieve to that zone.

“My plan workedand I managed six fish off the top and another the following morning off the bottom.

“Eight fish in total in 36 hours, I was more than happy!”

George's Lin at 39lb 10oz topped the haul

George's Lin at 39lb 10oz topped the haul