38lb Oxlease mirror marks welcome return to Linear

38lb Oxlease mirror marks welcome return to Linear

Sonny Chander returned to Linear Fisheries after a lengthy absence and landed this 38lb mirror.

The fish came alongside a 20lb common at Oxlease Lake on the Oxfordshire day-ticket site.

Sonny told Carpfeed: “I haven’t been on the bank for a long time so I was itching to get out.

“I headed to my favourite venue at Linear, Oxlease Lake and did a 48-hour session.”


38lb of Oxlease mirror

38lb of Oxlease mirror

Linear bailiff Ian Roper’s guide to Oxlease Lake

Having found a shelf that dropped from 4ft deep to 14ft, Sonny introduced 5kg of Nash Citruz boilies mixed with Pure Pellet Elite pellets and corn.

The 20lb common arrived first, and the big mirror followed the next day.

“My rod tore off and I knew it was a decent fish,” said Sonny. “It was like a steam train – the rollers on my alarm were screaming!.

“The battle was immense. It took the best part of 20 minutes and was just a dead weight plodding around trying to snag me.

“Finally, as I was winning the battle, I saw the fish come up and I knew it was a lump due to the size of the shoulders. I was buzzing!

“I’d like to thank the staff at Linear for helping with the picture.”

Sonny used his own Planet wafters on inline running rigs made with Nash components.